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Pursue your career goals with a BFA Degree in Media Arts & Animation

Transmission Drain Plug Location On Jeep Liberty Engine Oil Diagram A BFA degree in Media Arts & Animation at the Art at The Art Institute of Tampa, a branch of Miami International University of Art & Design, is designed to build on the foundations of animation and design while promoting individual creativity. It will push you to go beyond your comfort zone as you explore and experiment with new ideas and techniques.

Topic Ac Dimmer Circuit Ideas Read 9099 Times Previous Topic Next In our Media Arts & Animation degree courses, you’ll start by drawing by hand and exploring the fundamentals of composition, color, and design. Then, you’ll move to building skills in storytelling, 2D and 3D animation, modeling, background design, lighting, rigging, and more. From concept to creation to editing and delivery, you can learn it all while working with same kind of software and technology used by industry professionals—and while collaborating with other talented, inspiring students in your program. Our Media Arts & Animation degree program focuses on professionalism and helping you pursue your career goals, while immersing you in the creative culture that the Tampa area has to offer.

Krishna Sadasivam, Media Arts & Animation Instructor, The Art Institute of Tampa

Stinger Voltmeter Wiring Diagram Get Free Image About Wiring Diagram “I routinely bring my professional experiences and lessons learned into the classroom. It’s absolutely critical for students to understand that in today’s workforce, you have to wear many hats, work hard, ask questions, and have a can-do attitude. My job as an instructor is to give my students the time, tools and resources they need to become successful in their chosen field.”

Honda Gx630 Ignition Switch Beyond the classroom, you can participate in student organizations and industry events, forming professional connections that can benefit you down the road. As a digital storyteller, you’ll find yourself right in the middle of a highly competitive, fast-paced and constantly evolving profession. Our digital animation courses will push you to fulfill your potential as a multimedia artist.

Media Arts & Animation, 2016 (BFA) Alumnus Andre Bowen | The Art Institute of Tampa:

Wiring Up A New House With Ethernet A Walkthrough By Anthony “Every time I draw, I learn something new. The animation I created right after graduation is a perfect example. It was the most moving piece I had done at the time.”

Power Door Switch Wiring Diagram For 1982 Corvette To prepare for a digital animation career, your design courses will include the business of animation and self-promotion, culminating in a professional demo reel and portfolio. After earning your Media Arts & Animation degree, you’ll be prepared for entry-level roles in modeling, motion graphics, environment design, digital effects, character animation, and more.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts & Animation

Quarter Credit Hours:
12 Quarters

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Meet Our Alumni

  • The Art Institute of Tampa, a branch of Miami International University of Art & Design alumni AJ Mangas

    AJ Mangas

    Culinary Arts , 2013

    Willys Wiring Harness The instructors not only taught me basic skills, [but] what to expect in the field by teaching from their own experiences.

    Wiring Diagram For Outlet Tt30R
    AJ Mangas

    Line and Banquet Cook at Carlouel Yacht Club

    AJ Mangas is working as a line and banquet cook at Carlouel Yacht Club in Clearwater, Florida. He is responsible for preparing stations and banquets, as well as creating dishes. AJ says that his days are very fast paced. “We have a small staff in the kitchen, so it requires a lot of concentration and technique to ensure the food is prepared correctly and to the [Head] Chef’s standards,” he says.

    Ke Lights Wiring Diagram Get Free Image About Wiring Diagram AJ is proud to have made a career change in his 30s, moving from a position as an auto technician to his current culinary career. “I love creating new dishes, or putting my own twist on classic dishes, using fresh ingredients.” AJ adds that the most satisfying part of being a chef is hearing that customers enjoy his creations. “The absolute best is when a server comes into the kitchen and tells me that the customer loved their dish. That makes all the stress and pressure worth it.”

    Brand General Electric Model General Electric Gce23Lgyfss AJ, who in 2013 earned a Diploma in Culinary Arts from The Art Institute of Tampa, says that his education helped to prepare him for a culinary career. “Everything from the classes to the kitchen labs were amazing. The instructors not only taught me basic skills, [but] what to expect in the field by teaching from their own experiences*. I use the techniques that I learned [in school] every single day.”

    *Credentials and experience levels vary by faculty and instructors.

  • The Art Institute of Tampa, a branch of Miami International University of Art & Design alumni Joshua Zeff

    Joshua Zeff

    Graphic & Web Design , 2014

    Burstbucker Pro Wiring Diagram [My education] prepared me to communicate my creations and gave me a sense of what it would really be like to work in the real world.

    1978 Honda Odyssey Wiring Diagram
    Joshua Zeff

    Graphic Designer for J&R Bicycles

    Chevy Impala Wiring Diagram On 2002 Chevrolet Impala Fuse Box Diagram Joshua Zeff is working as the graphic designer for J&R Bicycles in St. Petersburg, Florida. He is responsible for marketing, print, and web applications for the company. Joshua says that he enjoys the calm and chaotic combination that each day brings. “One day you’re doing nothing but the normal routine and then next day, eight products come in, two sales need promotional material done, and your boss is requesting design briefs. But that’s why I love what I do.”

    Also Wiring Diagram Likewise Rv 7 Pin Trailer Plug Wiring Diagram Joshua is inspired by intricate signage, theme park environments, bright and bold fonts, extreme textures, and unique packaging. “I’m drawn to interesting structures and art; anything that is unique or different fascinates me,” he says.

    Furthermore Toyota Highlander Wiring Diagram Furthermore 2003 Toyota Joshua, who in 2014 earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Tampa, says that his education gave him a realistic sense of how the industry works. “Everything from the assignments to the deadlines and the critique sessions mentally prepared me to communicate my creations and gave me a sense of what it would really be like to work in the real world.” Joshua adds that current students should be humble as they transition into their careers. “No matter how good you are or how good you think you are, you are just starting.”

  • Jenna_Mack

    Jenna Mack

    Graphic & Web Design , 2013

    1957 Plymouth Wiring Diagram "[My] instructors' drive and passion in design was inspiring. I know I could still go to them today for advice if I needed it."

    Nissan Altima Radiator Components And Parts Schematic Diagram Car
    Jenna Mack

    Senior Graphic Designer for Triad Retail Media

    Snake Robot Diagram Jenna Mack is a senior graphic designer for Triad Retail Media, a marketing and content services company in St. Petersburg, Florida. She works with the sales, content, and marketing teams to concept strategies for leading brands, and aims to drive sales and enhance consumer experiences through digital retail platforms. Jenna says that her typical workday begins with coffee and emails. She looks at what’s on her plate for the day and creates a project task list. She then attends kickoff meetings for new projects—brainstorming and sketching ideas. “We get anywhere from a couple of hours to a week to turn a project around, and that determines how much of the creative process we get to follow.”

    Control Solenoid On Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Location She admits that her career is demanding and recommends that when pressure sets in, it’s important to remember the end goal. “Remind yourself of how far you've come and know that soon enough you're going to look back on this moment and realize how much further you've gotten. You will surprise yourself in what you accomplish and it makes the struggles worth it.” She adds that simply meeting job requirements is not enough, and takes pride in surrounding herself with information that helps her to grow professionally. This has allowed her to feel more confident in business meetings. “If you know what you're talking about it shows, and people start depending on you and looking at you as a go-to person for certain things. That's a great feeling.”

    Hot Swap Push Pull Sync Buck Negative Flyback Dual Sync Buck Reference Design Jenna cites a time when she felt stuck on a project—and says that while it is difficult, everyone goes through it. “I realized that if other people could get past it, then I could too. I also changed how I looked at my current situation. Changing your perspective can make everything feel a lot better.” For a mental break, she takes the time to play a game, work on a puzzle, or share ideas with coworkers. “We also surround our work area with inspiring quotes and good design.”

    Cj7 Light Switch Wiring Diagram On 1977 Ford Alternator Wiring Diagram Her determination is rewarded when she receives compliments on her work. “Seeing your work live, or people interacting with it, is pretty rewarding.” She did face a challenge after her manager left—she was given the opportunity to either step up and take the open position or to continue working under a new manager. “It was a little scary and a lot all at once, but I felt I deserved the chance to step up and I wanted to take the challenge. So far, it's gone more smoothly than I thought, and pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone. I've accomplished things I wouldn't have believed were possible for me a year ago.”

    Home Electrical Wiring Design Pdf Jenna, who in 2013 earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Tampa, says that her instructors’ drive and passion in design was inspiring. She adds that the school’s strict attendance policy prepared her for a real world work environment—she was early to every class, stayed late, and only missed class if she absolutely had too. “I became more responsible. I definitely didn't feel like the typical college student.”

  • Kirsten "KJ" Mathers

    Kirsten "KJ" Mathers

    Culinary Arts , 2016

    U Haul Trailer Wiring Adapters "The classroom curriculum enabled a more broad vision of what it is like to be a chef. Without the full scope of the curriculum [at The Art Institute of Tampa], I would not be able to approach this job in the way that I am now."

    Nema L14 30R Wiring Diagram
    Kirsten "KJ" Mathers
    Head Chef at Resort on Island of St. Kitts, Oversees Kitchen and Menu Creation

    Kirsten Mathers’ first immersion into international cuisine took place when she traveled to Italy, while still a student, as a finalist in the Urbani Tartufi Truffle Competition. Today, she’s working as the head chef of a resort on the island of St. Kitts, in charge of a restaurant that recently re-opened. Kirsten oversees the menu, puts ServSafe procedures in place, standardizes menus, and manages inventory. “It was an unexpected opportunity, but one that I know will be pivotal in my professional career,” she says.

    While still a student, Kirsten earned the opportunity to cook New Year’s Eve dinner at the prestigious James Beard House and was selected for a two week trip to Italy to participate in the Urbani Tartufi Truffle Competition. Upon completion of her degree, two of her Chef instructors helped to connect her with an internship at an Italian resort—and finally her job in St. Kitts.

    Her work day includes morning prep, then a quick break before she returns in the afternoon to get ready for dinner service. As the restaurants ramps up its staff, Kirsten hopes to turn over the prep work to new hires and devote more time to planning and record keeping—but will continue to work inside the kitchens for the dinner hours.

    Kirsten says that she’s currently facing a big challenge. “The executive chef of the resort where my restaurant is located resigned unexpectedly four days after I got here. I was left in charge of a restaurant that had re-opened just five days before his resignation.” She adds that her education immediately assisted her with stepping up to the challenge. “The well-rounded education that I got at The Art Institute of Tampa, as well as the support of my chef instructors and family/friends [allowed me] to face this challenge with confidence and excitement.”

    On St. Kitts, there’s an existing framework to Island favorites—but growing tourism allows Kirsten to experiment and stretch the minds of her culinary staff. “It's always a conversation, but it's been fun to see the way that all of us are willing to try new things, or combine both the local heart and the tourists’ tastes.”

    While she tries to make room for downtime, she says that a chef's mind never stops. “Food never ends, so cooking never ends. Requisitions never end so tracking products never ends. Restaurants cannot remain stagnant, so you must learn the taste of people around you to know what sorts of things you can create to put on the menu.” Kirsten spends time learning how to create foods and says that she’s always present and aware—watching everything going on in the kitchen. “On the flip side, to be a healthy chef, you must make sure to commit to stopping your chef brain and taking time to do what you need to do for yourself to keep you going as a chef.”

    Kirsten, who in 2016 earned an Associate of Arts in Culinary Arts from The Art Institute of Tampa, says that she started her culinary education five years after earning a bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry. “I knew I needed to do something more.

    Up until then I had worked in a coffee shop, served in a restaurant, and did a quick stint as a bank teller, but never really considered culinary school until I realized that all of my free time was spent experimenting in the kitchen.” She says that the labs and in-kitchen classes challenged her and that her instructors pushed her to reach her potential. “The classroom curriculum enabled a more broad vision of what it is like to be a chef. Without the full scope of the curriculum there, I would not be able to approach this job in the way that I am now.”

    She admits that life in the culinary industry is tough, requiring a hardworking, consistent attitude. “All chefs fail at some point or another, because food is a endless palate. The fact of the matter is that you will get out what you put in. I'm sure people have heard that over and over again, but we must rise to the challenges that are placed in front of us.” Kirsten mentions that her instructors wanted her to be successful and encouraged her to become a consistent, and curious culinary artist.

    “It’s been a wild ride, and I am excited to see the way things keep on unfolding. I do have to say though that as much as I have reaped rewards of hard work and determination, not one bit of any of it would be possible without the network of chefs teaching, guiding, helping, and encouraging me. One cannot be a chef alone.”

  • Ryan_Sullivan

    Ryan Sullivan

    Digital Filmmaking & Video Production , 2012

    Ignition Switch With Harness Bmw E30 318I 325I 325Ix 325Is 325Ic M3 "The programs that I use and the equipment I use were [part of the curriculum] during my four years at The Art Institute of Tampa."

    Well Dayton Wiring Diagram On Free Download Wiring Diagram Schematic
    Ryan Sullivan

    Promotions Producer for Sinclair Broadcast Group

    Botox Diagram Male Ryan Sullivan is a promotions producer for Sinclair Broadcast Group. He writes, edits, and films news talent to promote daily events for KEYE TV News in Austin, Texas. Ryan also produces spots to promote station branding. “My typical workday begins with me going over current events happening around our city. I will write and produce commercials. And before the 10 o'clock news, I will sit in meetings to find the story we will promote for the newscast,” he says.

    Wiring Schematic Software Free Prior to working with Sinclair Broadcast Group, Ryan was a video editor for Americas Auction Network. He worked in promotions at Great 38 TV in Tampa and at FOX 29, WOAI NEWS 4, and the CW 35 in San Antonio, Texas.

    Car Hydraulics Wiring Diagram Get Free Image About Wiring Diagram He says that there are daily challenges in his job, including breaking news and stories that don’t make the cut to the final broadcast. He adds that he’s currently facing the obstacle of finding time to pursue his passion of making movies. Ryan adds that he’s focused on providing innovative creative solutions that look good and reach the intended audience. “It is hard to reinvent the wheel. The same applies with creating a good commercial. Using typography different ways proves difficult. There is a fine line between trying to be unique and not overdoing it.”

    Circuits Gt Dual Voltage Power Supply 12 Volt L31752 Nextgr To promote a positive and creative environment in his workplace, Ryan always enters the studio refreshed and happy. “News can be a struggle, between a short leash and contained creativity, you have to stay upbeat. I think my coworkers can rely on me to keep things light and under control.” In addition to bringing positivity to the workplace, Ryan is proud to have been nominated for Emmy and National Promotional awards.

    1997 Ford Expedition Xlt The Fuse Box Diagramtriton Review Ebooks Ryan, who in 2012 earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production from The Art Institute of Tampa, says that his education provided a foundation for his career success. “The programs that I use and the equipment I use, were [part of the curriculum] during my four years at The Art Institute of Tampa.”


What Will I Study?


I'm ready to start telling stories.

1970 Chevy 350 Transmission Control Spark Solenoid Chevy 350 Engine Our Media Arts & Animation curriculum will truly put you to the test. Because it was designed by industry experts to help put you in a position to succeed in a field where the only limit is your imagination. You'll study:

  • Digital Imaging
  • Life Drawing for Animation
  • Character and Object Design for Animation
  • Cinematic Storytelling
  • Digital Editing
  • Computer 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Principles of Animation
  • Acting / Movement
  • 2D Animation
  • Storyboard Rendering for Animation
  • Camera and Lighting Techniques
  • Creative and Collaborative Project Management
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Character Animation
  • 3D Textures
  • Web Animation

I'm looking for my proving ground.

2003 Ford Ranger Radio Wiring Diagram For A Pick Up At The Art Institutes system of schools, creativity is our core, our calling, our culture. Media Arts & Animation degree programs are built on that creative foundation. It’s also built on our knowledge that a creative career is not for the faint of heart. Because it’s tough out there, it’s tough in here. But we temper the tough with the support you need to make your creativity marketable. We provide the mentoring and real-world experience you need to prevail, with faculty* who’ve worked in the field and internship possibilities at successful businesses. Here, you’ll be encouraged and expected to be bold. To take risks. To push yourself and the people around you. So if your heart is telling you that you belong in a creative field, you belong here. It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever love.

*Credentials and experience levels vary by faculty and instructors.


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