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Art Institutes

Film & Production Majors

Pick your medium. Maximize your impact.

Wiring A Light Power At The Switch Put your ideas, your passion, even yourself out there to entertain, inform, or compel audiences. Whatever your form of expression, we’ll help you create a future. Explore our Digital Film, Photography & Audio Production Majors.

Degree Programs

Audio Production student at the Art Institute of Dallas

Audio Production

Tube Preamplifier 5687 Led Biased Circuit Diagram Circuit Diagram You can learn to record, edit, mix, and master digital audio as you produce live and studio music, and designing sound for film, radio, TV, web, and live performances.

Digital FIlmmaking students at the Art Institute of Dallas

Digital Film

Of The Wave Is Shown Above The Horizontal Axis Part C Of The Diagram You’ll have the opportunity to learn hands-on with digital video cameras, editing, and graphics software as you tell stories in media ranging from broadcast news to motion pictures.

Students at The Art Institute of Dallas Digital Photography School

Digital Photography

Cascode Amplifier Have Over Quotnormalquot Single Or Multistage Amplifier Harness the power of images as you tell stories one frame at a time, filling the world with your ideas, and insights. And making your passion your career.

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Ai LIVE: your resource for industry insights, career path info

Vauxhall Astra Breeze Fuse Box Ai LIVE is an online mix of communication, entertainment, and instruction that builds upon your education with a library of fun, informational, industry-relevant shows about creative careers.

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Nick Valencia Film & Production
Ai LIVE: CNN’s Nick Valencia Talks Front-Line News Reporting

Romeo Spider Wiring Diagram Free Download Wiring Diagram Schematic CNN correspondent Nick Valencia has covered everything from presidential elections to the coronavirus pandemic. Learn about what motivates him and his thoughts on today’s news environment.

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Walter Mercado Film & Production
Ai LIVE: Producer & Directors Discuss Mercado Documentary “Mucho Mucho Amor”

Piaa Wiring Harness 55 Watt In this edition of Ai LIVE, the producer & directors of the Netflix documentary “Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado” discuss their film & provide insight & advice to current film students.

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