Ai LIVE: Danielle Coke Promotes Social Justice through Art

2003 Nissan Murano Radio Wiring Diagram In this edition of Chevy Tahoe Parts Diagram, illustrator and social justice advocate Danielle Coke speaks to E. Vincent Martinez about using art to make a social statement. Coke is the owner of the “Oh Happy Dani” brand, which uses illustration to educate people about pressing issues.

Danielle Coke

Quick Car Tach Wiring Diagram Utilizing her artwork as a communication tool is something relatively new to Coke. Until July 2019, she was working in the event planning industry in marketing and graphic design. She soon realized that event planning wasn’t what she wanted to do long-term; so she saved up her money, took on two clients, and branched out on her own.

2003 Porsche Boxster Wiring Diagram Coke began her solo career working in social media management and graphic design. She soon found herself turning to illustration to make her points. “I’ve drawn and been creative all my life. I have a passion for social justice and advocacy,” she adds.

Wiring Diagram For 2007 Gmc Sierra Classic On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Coke shared her first illustration with the public. In it, she captured her personal image of MLK. “I did not want to water down his legacy. He’s a radical disruptor.” The positive feedback to her work encouraged Coke, who vowed to keep going because people were listening to her messages.

Danielle Coke artwork

Wiring Diagram For 2002 Chevy Tracker Coke continues to use her illustrations to “stir people’s hearts into action.” She begins each illustrative process with a significant amount of research and is motivated by a quote she once read: “The goal of the artist is to make the movement irresistible.”

Wiring Diagram Further Honda Wiring Diagram On Honda Cb400F Wiring She says that her work as an activist makes her ask herself how she can best contribute to a conversation. And she maintains that especially in tough times, people want to hear a hopeful message.

Danielle Coke artwork

Changer Stereo Wiring Diagram Toyota Coke recommends that people new to marketing and branding identify their strongest skills. When starting an online presence, people should pick one or two things they are the best at, to put their best work forward. As their image grows, so can their offerings.

Porsche 911 Engine Diagram Further Porsche 924 Transmission Diagram She is following her own advice, branching out now that her illustrations have shone a light on her opinions, artwork, and activism. Starting in November 2021, Coke plans to launch new products including apparel, additional prints, and greeting cards.

V8 Engine Diagram Besides Audi R8 Engine Diagram As Well Dodge V8 If Danielle Coke’s work is inspiring you to use artwork to communicate your creative passion, learn more about The Art Institutes’ programs for people like you. Visit our Illustration programs page today!

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